DEESME’s Final Project Results in a nutshell

As the DEESME project ended, we take a step back to showcase how the project focused on enabling companies to manage the energy transition by taking profit of multiple benefits from energy management and audit approaches, it also provided guidelines and recommendations for national authorities to empower their schemes under article 8 EED (now 11), using the multiple benefits’ approach.

The project identified and shared good practices from national schemes, EU projects, and other initiatives with national authorities and supported them in developing more effective policies dealing with energy audits and energy management systems.

The following report collects and summarises the main project outputs, including policy recommendations for National Authorities in the implementation of Article 11 of the Energy Efficiency Directive, best practices identified on the multiple benefits approach applied to energy audits and management and finally, results from DEESME’s audits in SMEs and how the Multiple Benefits impact their company.