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… a policymaker

DEESME will address, support and work with National Authorities (NA) and energy agencies that implement and regulate the national schemes.

They will originate from 11 project countries (Austria, Belgium (Walloon region), Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain) and will be involved in DEESME to share solutions, results, feedback and to translate all these output into guidelines or regulations addressed to companies.

The authorities of all 28 EU countries and associated countries will though be involved in dissemination activities, be able to strengthen their capacities and learn from others.

I am a policymaker, what can I expect from DEESME?

  • You will be invited to join meetings illustrating policy proposals (one per involved country), conference calls and workshops. The events will also allow DEESME to check that the proposed policies fill your needs and gaps.
  • You will benefit from actions aimed at identifying best practices, shared with the aim to be included in the national schemes. A repository of the national implementation schemes for energy audits and energy management systems will be created and policy proposals produced.
  • Direct support, in the national languages and with dedicated time, will be provided to 6 participating countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy and Poland) to implement the policy proposals (modifying existing laws or as new laws). DEESME partners will work together with the NA to develop documents to be adopted in national schemes beyond the project.
  • You will learn about the existing sources for the financing of mechanisms, such as the new Recovery and Resilience Facility with a budget of €560 billion – distributed in grants and loans, the Just Transition Fund, with an additional €32.5 billion, used to alleviate the socio-economic impacts of the transition, supporting re-skilling, helping SMEs to create new economic opportunities, and investing in the clean energy transition.
  • You will get access to support material such as a guideline on best practices (D2.4) and a set of 10 adapted national guidance documents for implementation in the targeted NA (D2.5). These documents will focus on how the process of encouraging companies can be improved to carry out audits or implement energy management systems through increasing knowledge on the multiple benefits of energy efficiency.
  • You will be invited to the project final conference (September 2023), presenting all project results and approach.

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…a company / SME

The EU industries are 2.250.000 (9% of the total 25 million companies) and the average energy consumption per manufacturing company is 122.7 toe (276 Mtoe/2.25 million). An effective energy management approach can save 10% energy in industrial companies compared to a baseline.

SMEs though still appear far yet from the conviction of the effectiveness of the energy auditing, and large companies often fail to translate enough the energy audit conclusions into improvement actions. DEESME will provide a new approach (scoping, methods) for auditing that involves companies’ personnel to create a culture around energy savings and the role of effective management. Companies will be engaged directly through some of the partners’ networks, but also by involving “multipliers” such as trade companies associations, consortia and other companies’ organisations and energy agencies.

For whom?

The companies involved will mainly be SMEs, but larger companies will also be considered to understand whether the DEESME approach can help fill the gap between the audit outcomes and the decision to turn these outcomes into actual investments.

Manufacturing companies, sector trade association/industry cluster such as pulp, tanning, foundry, steelworks, furniture, plastics, mechanical sectors, industry clusters, etc. will also be engaged to help replicating in other companies the good practices implemented.

I am an SME, what can DEESME do for me?

  • DEESME will organise information and training sessions as well as workshops (3 per country) and visits, aiming at reaching 500 participants. This will allow raising awareness among companies of the direct link between energy efficiency and multiple benefits.
  • A set of key recommendations to improve national schemes will be derived from the meetings taking input from YOUR views. Associations, federations and other key actors from the business « world » will also be involved.
  • In order to verify the possibility to valorise the adoption of Energy Management Systems (EMS) by companies, 20 companies from Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Germany will be supported in developing an EMS by testing the models developed by DEESME and 50 an energy audit, including a multiple benefits angle.
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  • The DEESME campaign, built with your input, will address over 2500 companies.
  • Tools such as templates, methods and procedures will be prepared. 50 companies will be involved in Bulgaria, Italy, Germany and Poland to test them.

On this page, we will regularly add material specifically useful for you, such as training material, recordings from webinars, best practices, and more.


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