[Blog] DEESME shares innovative ideas to make energy savings this summer

By Detlef Olschewski – Cleopa GmbH

As DEESME focuses on the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, we can take away different ideas on how to reduce energy consumption on a daily basis!

Every cubic meter of gas saved helps

Holiday time in Germany means many citizens go on vacation. This is the special opportunity to do something about the gas shortage. Quite simply– without personal restrictions.
It’s about domestic hot water. Every day, even when you’re on vacation, several million gas boilers heat up water in Germany. About 1 m³ of gas is used for 2 people.

What to do?

Simply check whether your gas boiler can also be switched off for hotwater on holiday. If so, click so you can save money and gas. Every cubic meter of gas saved helps.

Do we want to turn this into a joint action?

Then share this promotion and save together with us – every day. Tell everyone who isn’t running away about it!

P.S. Of course you can also save when you are at home. We have tested with several participants, there will still be warm water in the storagetank after 4-5 days. Please share your experiences with us here. Also give us ideas on how we can attract even more gas savers.