DEESME first newsletter is out!

Dear readers,

This is a pleasure to share the DEESME project first newsletter.

Reaching the European Union’s net zero greenhouse gas emissions objectives will require a fundamental change in the coming decades. This change will impact enterprises of all types and sizes. Improving the efficiency of how enterprises supply and consume energy will be the first step.

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive is instrumental to enable companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to implement energy saving measures in contributing to the European Union’s emissions reductions objectives. In addition to energy savings, companies will need to take profit from other low carbon measures such as materials/resources efficiency and renewable energy.

We abbreviated the “Developing National Schemes for Energy Efficiency in SMEs” project as DEESME and, with a strong consortium from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland, we initiated this new project in September 2020.
In the coming three-year period, we will be closely working with companies and National Authorities of the member states to enable companies to take profit of multiple benefits and energy management approaches, support the development and the implementation of energy efficiency policies whilst strengthening the national schemes, and institutionalize the DEESME approach with National Authorities.

As we share with you this first newsletter that presents our activities of the past six months, we look forward to our collaboration in the coming years in making the DEESME project a success to accelerate European Union’s energy transition.

The IEECP team, coordinators of DEESME

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