DEESME first report is available: Inventory of needs and requirements of National Authorities

Written by KAPE, the report identifies needs and challenges from the perspective of National Authorities (NAs), in the implementation of Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU, EED) concerning energy audits and management systems in companies with a special focus on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This will further support the creation of good practices for the National Authorities to help overcome the identified challenges in the following actions of DEESME.

As a first step, an inventory of needs and challenges is realised, with data for this assessment collected by means of a questionnaire filled in by the DEESME project partners with the support of representatives of the NAs. Topics relating to the implementation of Article 8 in both large enterprises and SMEs are covered. Challenges, needs and requirements identified in the answers to the questionnaire are reported, and completed by a desk research.

In the case of large, obliged enterprises, most common issues for NAs are related with the identification of such companies, especially for those newly formed or with complicated ownership structures. Another widely mentioned topic is the general energy audit quality and issues with monitoring of its implementation. Companies compliance with guidance of auditors should be improved as well. IT-related challenges – data storage, security, web application were mentioned as well.

To encourage SMEs, two major challenges were identified, namely their general lack of awareness and the interest of companies in improving energy efficiency. Support and education mechanisms to overcome SMEs limited resources and to increase know-how are needed. Creating and maintaining communication with SMEs is a challenge as well.