DEESME and its solutions showcased during ‘Be a ZEECO – Good practice or SME to become a ZEro Emission Company’

On May 4th 2021, CLEOPA GmbH and its energy efficiency expert team presented the DEESME project, its services and solutions during its first dissemination event entitled ‘Be a ZEECO – good practice for SME to become a ZEro Emission COmpany‘.

The ZEECO virtual conference, a partner event for the #EUGreenWeek 21 and EU SME week 2021, focused on best practices on the zero-emission concept, addressing consumers and companies, with special regard to the SMEs sector, as a key enabler for the next zero-emission wave process.

Contributions from national and EU-funded research projects e.g. LIVERUR Project, Smart MaaS – Mobility as a Service Projekt, DEESME H2020, DAREED and many more lead to the conclusions that behavioral changes and new measures
need to be adapted faster into business models and political decisions fastening the decarbonisation process of companies.

During the EU Green Week, the DEESME project approach and methodology were successfully showcased at other six events: