[June 2022] DEESME newsletter is out!

DEESME already started over 20 months ago, meaning that less than half of the project remains to organise all we want to achieve.
What better way to look back than joining us in Brussels, for our mid-term event? Organised jointly with the EU-funded project ICCEE, it will engage and empower value chains and SMEs towards energy efficiency with various hands-on presentations and two panels. There are still a few seats available: June 28, in the morning.

DEESME enables companies, especially SMEs to manage the energy transition by taking profit of multiple benefits from energy management and audit approaches and provides national authorities with guidelines and recommendations to empower their schemes under article 8, using the multiple benefits’ approach. These past months, DEESME has organised several activities in many countries, especially information and training, awareness raising and capacity building activities to involve National Authorities and companies (especially SMEs) wishing to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing energy efficiency measures. DEESME is developing specific solutions, tested by the companies, using the multiple benefits approach and recognising the best policies and practices developed with respect to the EED article 8 to promote energy audits and energy management systems.

Conducting energy audits and implementing energy management systems can be a source of multiple benefits for companies if they tap into their wide potential: reduced operating costs, increased productivity, improved working environment and much more. The project identifies and shares good practices from national schemes, EU projects, and other initiatives: some are included in our enews.
In May, we celebrated both Europe Day and the European SMEs day: 99% of all companies in the EU are SMEs, being a key source of innovation and job creation. DEESME is glad to support them!