October 19, 2021 – Towards a decarbonized Europe: Increasing energy efficiency in SMEs for a clean energy transition

DEESME joins forces with “sister projects” E2DRIVER, INNOVEAS, SMEmPOWER, SPEEDIER, ICCEE and Triple-A to deliver a high-level interactive event as part of the European Sustainable Energy Week extended programme, providing industry stakeholders, policy makers, financial institutions, ESCOs, academia/research, energy professionals and other attendees guidelines and good practices to implement energy efficiency solutions and facilitate the energy transition.

Improving energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce energy-related emissions, improve economic competitiveness and increase energy security.

DEESME is a Horizon 2020-funded project started in September 2020, enabling companies, especially small and medium enterprises, to engage in the energy transition by taking profit of multiple benefits from energy management and energy audit approaches and providing national authorities with guidelines and recommendations to strengthen their national schemes. The project, following the mantra that together we are stronger, reached out to projects under the same financing programme with similar objectives to join efforts in a partnership with regular exchanges. The 7 projects quickly shared research efforts and multiplied their outreach effort. It became obvious that an event building on the results of all 7 projects of this group would be highly beneficial for participants, sharing policy recommendations, tips and good practices to implement energy efficiency solutions and facilitate the energy transition.

SMEs have less workforce, technical and financial capacity to perform energy audits but also a high untapped energy saving potential which can be unlocked by overcoming structural, market and financial barriers: the event will make them aware of the multiple benefits that can derive from improving their energy efficiency. The event will also share best practices from national schemes, EU projects and other initiatives with national authorities.

The free online event will be hosted on October 19 from 9 to 10:30 (CEST) by the DEESME, E2DRIVER, ICCEE, INNOVEAS, SMEmPOWER, SPEEDIER, and Triple-A projects.

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